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ProFlightSimulator – The Most Realistic Flight Sim Ever Created!
   Have you ever imagined being a pilot who can fly all across the flies in a great Aircraft? Pursue your dreams of flying an aircraft with the pro flight simulator from the comfort of your home. The Pro flight simulator is one of the best virtual reality games that would take you to the skies and you would love to fly an aircraft and know the ins and outs of the same even if you have never learnt to fly. Experience some of the best ultra realistic flights and aircraft carriers that would fly over actual terrain and awesome scenic beauties. Experience flying over 120 different aircraft’s and landing and departing from over 20,000 real airports of the world
Pro Flight Simulator
Fly over 120+ Different Aircraft

Experience, flying over 120 different aircraft including helicopters and army planes as well as 1903 Wright Flyer and, the Latest Military Fighter Jets. . You have a vast assortment of choices to choose from and can experience flying a variety of aircraft models than actually real pilots! Test your flying skills with a number of planes and compare different kinds of planes and how they feel while flying
Over 20,000+ Real Airports to land and depart from

Did you know that the pro flight simulator gives you an option to land worldwide at over 20,000 real world airports? You can chose to take off at any airport and then land at some other airport. You can even choose to land on the runway of your local city. Choose from your favorite runway, airport and weather conditions from the launch wizard and you can roam all around the world sitting at the comfort of your cozy room. The pro flight simulator has been designed and modeled with care and accuracy and you would have a chance to land and depart from over 20,000 real airports all over the world ranging from Europe to Asia.
Realistic World Terrain that has been based on the Google map

Fly over some of the best real world terrains and beautiful scenic beauty that has specially been designed based on the USA defense-mapping agency.
The Pro flight simulator is a dream project that has been built after years of hard work and planning by hundreds of developers and a good deal of time so that this game could be made into a successful one. This game has been developed as an alternative for training for professional pilots and professional flight simulators and now it is almost ready for launch. Simulator lovers are eagerly waiting for this game to launch and they would also have a go at driving real aircrafts across the world.
This game has been known to be the next generation flight simulator game that would take the world by storm. This would also set a benchmark for all other light simulators that have already been developed and would be developed in the future. You can find out the different features of this new game as you keep reading.
One of the most realistic flight simulators in the market

The Pro flight simulator is one of the closest flight simulators that resemble real aircrafts. They have all the features of a real aircraft and are versatile in nature. Nothing can get closer than this! This game would give you the experience of driving a real plane from your own computer. Experience the best terrains, the best scenic beauty, aircraft reactions, planetary alignments and movements that are based on the real life data.- The cockpit controls are based on the real world cockpits that can be found in real aircrafts.
–   Each and every aircraft have realistic flight dynamics that have been scientifically planned and programmed
– Accurate instrument and airport lights that can be turned on and off while reaching the airport.
The aircraft has been well designed to be 100% genuine. Shuttle between real aircrafts, real cockpit controls and real sceneries.

The aim of the Pro flight simulator is to be as close to real life planes with real life sceneries, real life terrains and real life pilot control based on military mapping. Get full sized cock mocks and ultra realistic flight dynamics for all separate 120 aircrafts.

Real controls

The real controls of flight simulator are based on real world data. It has extremely smooth as very fluid instruments with real life animation and controls based on the actual real world data. It has realistic instrument behavior that also lags like in real life planes. It also has gyro drift that is modeled properly and magnetic compass that is completely subject to aircraft body forces.
The game has some of the best features including a cockpit that is almost like a real one. Possessing some of the real features this game actually has accurate controls of the cockpit, good quality sound and visuals that would completely immerse you in the game. All cockpits have been well designed with a scientific approach and are 100% accurate and are based on real life like models of aircrafts. The panels and the controls are absolutely like real aircrafts and the simulator has been built in a way to provide you with a complete flying experience in the skies.
– You can navigate by both modern methods as well as old-fashioned methods.
– System failures, system lags and instrument can be accurately created
– All these features make flying the aircraft a challenge with a real life experience that would give you extreme satisfaction.

Exploring the entire world with total freedom

Over 20,000 Real World Airports

The pro flight simulator has linked itself to the entire world with military world data with stunning realism. Choose an airplane and roam all over the clear, blue and azure skies of the entire globe. You can fly over a great deal of planes in various places of the world like the Great Wall of China, Africa, Europe, The Grand Canyon, the Angels Falls of Venezuela and many more. The terrains are regularly updated from the US Defense Mapping Agency that helps you to experience some of the best scenic beauties of the world.

Real life time zones

The Pro Flight simulator gives you an accurate and highly detailed daytime modeling. It also helps to track the current time so that it can place the planets, sun, moon and stars in their original position so that it looks absolutely real. That means that if it were dawn in the USA, you would also have done if you set in virtual USA. The real time data also take into account the seasonal effects. Virtual Pilot 3D also takes into account the seasonal effects. If you are landing at an airport, you can choose the weather conditions of the place, including temperature, humidity and dew point, density of pressure, visibility and wind. Perk yourself up to fly in thick and dense foggy conditions as well as thunderstorms, lighting and torrential rain

Has an assortment of over 120 aircrafts

The Pro flight simulator has over 120 aircrafts to choose from. This is more than what other simulators can offer to players. The different variety of aircrafts includes A380 to state-of-the-art military fighter jets and even medical helicopters. New aircraft models are released every month and so you can get to experience new aircrafts in the simulators.
Live training platform for professional pilots

The Pro Flight simulator is a live training platform for all kinds of professional pilots. It is used for an alternative for training pilots so that they can be well trained before actually driving a real aircraft. The game has been certified for all kinds of commercial uses and also offers hardware and frame rate checks that are required for FAA certification. The Pro flight simulator is also currently being in beta testing stage all over participating flight schools all over the world
The game can be played in multiplayer modes with Google Maps

You can play the game along with other virtual pilots from all across the world. Meet up online with different users so that you can have a great deal of fun along with them. You can also easily locate various pilots with the help of Google Map integration. You can see the number of active pilots from the multiplayer map server on the Google Map. You can have a gala time with all the other virtual pilots along with online users.
Receive 5 years of free updates
Players can receive five years of free updates as well.
Pro Flight simulator has been perfectly designed for realistic flight and prolonged existence. New updates are released every year that include feature enhancements, new sceneries, ATC updates and airports, as well as new additional features. You would also get free updates for the next five years unlike other flight simulator games that are chargeable.
· You would be notified by email when new updates are available. You can download the latest version
· If you purchase the Pro flight simulator today, you can download the newest version each year for 5 years.
· After 5 years, extra updates would cost a minimum amount of 29.95 per year. These updates are however optional and you would not have to pay time and again.
· In case you do not feel like updating, you would not have to pay any more fees to continue using the simulator.

You can learn to fly well with the Pro Flight simulator. Have you ever dreamt of flying in the skies, while you are sitting at home? This is a high quality and professional flight simulator that surpasses all the other flight Sims
Hey Dan just wanted to tell you that I have been playing this game for quite a couple of weeks and the game is totally real and I cannot wait to see what real updates would be taking place.

These are the following features of the flight simulator
Fly over 120 aero planes
Test your flying skills by flying over 120 different aircrafts. The different aircrafts include 1903 Wright Flyer, A320, Boeing 777, Airbus 380, Ornithopters, a 747 various military jets and several light singles.

Fly Different Helicopters

You can fly a variety of helicopters and land on some of the most adventurous places like edge of snowy mountains, in middle of seas, in on top of high cliffs. You can also fly the latest military Westland Lynx.
Land in the local airport
The Pro flight simulators comprise of 20000 real world airports in the full scenery. You can land and depart from any airport and can even land in your own locality give the direction.
Full ATC functions
The Pro flight simulator carries on the whole ATC communication from the runway to the Gate as well as the sky to the land, taxis to gate and departure, request clearance and more options.
Comprises over 20000 airports as well as real life sceneries
The Profile flight simulators comprise of accurate worldwide sceneries that can cover the entire world. The terrains are regularly updated with recent list of database that has been retrieved from the US Defense Mapping Agency. Take off and depart from around 20000 real world airports with accurate runways, approaching lightings and taxiways
Realistic Night lighting
You can fly in the night with efficient ground lighting with the help of headlights of cars on major highways. All these lightings are based on real life maps

Real Controls in the cockpit
All the controls host real world instrument behavior and response. The instruments also have the option of lagging behind in times of torrential rain and heavy storms, lightning and natural calamity. The gyro drift is correctly modeled, and the compass is subject to aircraft forces that make flying a challenge.

Correct Airport Runway Lighting

Pro flight simulator has correct runaway and approach lightings, placements, and directional airport lighting that help in changing the intensity as the direction view changes.
Correct runway markings, placement and approach lighting. Directional airport lighting that smoothly changes intensity as your relative view direction changes
Realistic Instruments

Realistically models real-world instrument behavior. Instruments that lag in real life lag correctly in this simulator and the gyro drift is modeled correctly, the magnetic compass is subject to aircraft body forces. The aircraft has realistic instrument behavior that can accurately imitate the controls and their reactions.
The wind and the weather instrument give you real effects while flying the plane. You can also experience instrument and system failures that are inbuilt If you are flying in a turbulent weather, the controls would fail like in real life, giving you a feeling that you are in danger. The controls can also react in emergency situations in the same way as real life including failures and instruments. The realistic instruments would give you a feeling that you are maneuvering a real plane.
System Failure Simulation
The Instruments and system failures are also precisely recreated. In case the vacuum system does not work correctly, the HSI gyros spin down slowly with a matching degradation in rejoinder as well as increasing errors.
Realistic 3D cockpit views
Each aircraft in Pro flight simulator has a 3D interactive cockpit that has all the features and functions where everything can be controlled ranging from releasing brakes, and raising the wheels.
Real time incorporation with Google Maps

The Pro flight simulator has Google map service that shows you where you are located exactly with respect to all the other players.
Proves with Multiple Monitor Support

The Pro flight sim connects multiple instances of the sim together to display a variety of views of the simulation. Multiple views can also improve the reality of the simulator and you can also feel as if you are flying a real aircraft.
Landing on an aircraft carrier
The Pro flight simulator supports the Aircraft carrier operations on the Nimitz that is located near San Francisco
Showing off your flying skills
The Pro flight simulator helps you to improve your flying skills and you also have the option of recording your flight so that you can play it back later on for analysis
Offers you air to air refueling
There are two tanker aircraft KC135-E and KA6-D at present and there are three more receiving air craft’s that are capable of in-air refueling which are A4F, Lightning and T380.
Helps you to Fly with the help of Autopilot
The Pro flight simulator can be driven in the auto pilot mode. The autopilot is an automatic mode where it can take over the pilot for some time in case of emergency.
It supports all versions of Macs and Windows
The Pro flight simulator is designed so that it can run on any computer that runs by the help of Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 32 and 64 bits and it Support Macs as well
The controller and Hardware support
The flight simulator supports all of the most popular types of flight controllers that include foot pedals, Yoke, throttle and other instruments.
100% Free Updates / Upgrades for 5 Years
You can also get 100% free updates for 5 years, which are released every month as well as every year after which it is payable.
Have ultra realistic cockpits as well as aircraft
The pro flight simulator gives you a realistic flying experience so that you may feel like you are flying on a real plane.
There are about 20000 satisfied customers who have successfully accomplished their task in the game. Heres what satisfied customers have to say about the game

Hours & Hours of Fun!”
Suman Raya Decruse, Ontario, Canada

If you have previously played a game like this, you would find hell and heaven difference. Dan has a real winner with this sim. Hours and hours and hours of fun!”
Set up Of The Plane Is Exactly similar to a real plane
Andrew Byers, Boerne, TX

“I recently purchased the Pro flight simulator and I was really impressed with the game and its features. The set up of the aircraft is exactly what you see on an actual plane.”
Glad I Don’t Have Any Real Passengers
Kirk Hays, Pearl River, NY

I really love this new game. I have been trying to play this game and it is really interesting. I have slowly developed the technique for the same. It is an awesome product, just as advertised–very realistic”
Amazing Simulation…”
Seth Riggs, Stamford, VT
“This is a great game with amazing graphics and amazing features. Each version is an extra-ordinary upgrade.
Obtain a plus 4 free time limited bonus
This is a game that has newly launched, and in favor of that, 4 free times limited bonuses are being offered if you order the game today. The total value of these bonuses adds up to more than $360 in retail. This is a time limited offer and will be available for only a short period.   Interactive scenery designer
The Pro flight simulator helps you to create your own landscapes and sceneries. This is an interactive scenery designer that is included as a free bonus and a special launch offer. You can create your own buildings, runways and landscapes as well as different worlds. You can also change the programs that allow the users to design custom scenery. Add a whole new world of realities to the pro flight simulator with the interactive scenery designer.

Ultra Realistic Cockpit and Aircraft

Get the real experience of flying an actual plane!

Satisfied Customers…
Airports Included
Hours Flown

See What Our Satisfied Customers Are SayingReal feedback from ProFlightSimulator™ users

“Hours & Hours of Fun!”

Eric Le, Ontario, Canada”If you’ve played previous flight sim games before, you’ll definitely appreciate what Dan and his team and put together. Dan has a real winner with this sim. Hours and hours and hours of fun!”

“Absolutely Top Notch”

Milton Carr, Elyria, OH”I have hundreds of hours in PC-based 777 simulators and this simulator experience is absolutely top notch. Everything in the cockpit is modeled very accurately – and you get to control every switch, button, and handle.”

“Setup Of The Plane Is Exactly What You See”

Andrew Byers, Boerne, TX”I’ve recently gained my PPL so I wanted a life-like simulator – and I was really impressed! The set up of the aircraft is exactly what you see on an actual plane.”

“Perfect Filler Between Real World Flying”

Douglas Burt, London, UK”For the student pilots, like me, this is the perfect filler between real world flying. With all the places to fly to, it would take me months. Thanks Dan for developing this”


RETAIL: $197  TODAY: $97

One time payment. No hidden charges.
(I reserve the right to end this introductory price at anytime without warning)
Create your own landscape like the Eiffel tower and the tower of Giza
You can also create your own continent and design new kinds of designs, lakes, mountains and plains. You can also railroads as well as new airports as well as custom buildings.
Using the Kelpie flight planner software
Would you like to plan your flights as per the destination, the arrival and the departure? Customize your flight from anywhere and everywhere with the Kelpie flight planner software. This software uses the real time data with real airports and places. You can also fly to airports from selected destinations. You can also search for airports as well as navigation and plan your flights. This makes the journey hassle free
The Aeron combat simulator
This is one of the most important flight combat systems that you can experience If you like exciting games that will help to increase your adrenaline rush, and then this is the ideal game for you. Aeron is a combat flight simulator that focuses on powerful air battles, artificial intelligence, and combat maneuvering and flight dynamics.
Here are some features of the combat flight simulator
· Realistic flight dynamics– The pro flight simulator is one of the best Sims that make you experience some of the best flying moments that are close to reality.
· Simple controls- The controls are simple and user friendly which are easy to maneuver. They can be played with keyboards as well as joysticks.
· Advanced A.I- The pro flight simulator offers challenging opponents to fight with each other.
· Comprises of seven real world jets- The game comprises of real world jets like Raptors, Fulcrums, Vipers and more
· Supports all hardware’s- The game includes joystick, gamepad and full support.
· Supports network for up to 32 clients
The professional airplane fighting handbook
The professional handbook has over 281 full color pages on Aircraft flying. This manual has been compiled by true professionals and is one of the most valuable resources for a pilot who is training and learning to fly the aircraft. The handbook has been made to help you get ready to fly a real plane. This handbook is also known to comprise of 281 pages of colored photos as well as diagrams. These pictures are all 3D pictures that are accompanied by visual explanations as well.
· Master some of the best ways of flying an aircraft
· Learn the takeoff and landing procedures of a plane
· Discover new ways to fly
· Understand the dynamics of flying, the scientific process and the other instances of flying.
The Pro flight simulator is not only exciting and knowledgeable but at the same time it is really affordable as well. This package is being offered at a special launch price to flight simulator fans that would like to try their hands in flying various aircrafts. After the discounted price is over, the retail price would be 197$ with separate bonus. In case you would like to buy the sim at a discounted price, you can buy today at $97 and you would also get 4 special bonuses for free.
The best flying experience
You can instant access to one of the most exciting flight simulator games by purchasing the game now.
World scenery with 120 aircrafts
Take off and depart at 20000 airports in over 120 aircrafts. Learn to maneuver all of them at a time. Explore the entire world with 100% complete freedom in awe striking sceneries.
4 free bonuses
You would get 4 free bonuses worth over $360 in retail value. The bonuses include Interactive Scenery Designer, the Flight Planner Software, Aeron Combat Sim as well as a professional airplane-flying handbook.
Opting for 4 DVDS
You can also opt for 4 DVDs, which will have the world scenery data. This would only be offered to members for a small nominal fee.
Offered at a special launch price
The Pro flight simulator can be purchased at a special launch price of 97$ only. Though it is not yet available in the stores, the launch price would soon be increased to 197$ after a limited period.
5 years updates
You can also receive free program updates for the next 5 years after which you would be charged only a nominal fee for up gradation, which is totally optional. There are no compulsory membership fees.
The Pro flight simulator will be your friend for life with over so many aircrafts to research on and fly
There are various players playing this game and you can also be a part of the same by purchasing the game, buckling up your seat belt and firing your engines.

RETAIL: $197  TODAY: $97

It is slowly becoming one of the most well liked flight simulators in the market and since the launch price is really low, do not miss a chance to buy the same now!
This simulator is a lot better than the Microsoft Flight Sim X, which is a favorite for plane lovers. It looks good, has a number of comprehensive features and is definitely worth a buy.
If you are still doubtful about the Pro flight simulator then here are a few questions that you can read onWhat are the minimum system requirements for the game?

This flight simulator game is compatible with just about any hardware and computer unlike other games the minimum system requirements are:
OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP and MAC
Processor: Dual-core CPU @2 GHz or better
PC Memory: 2 GB RAM
Space: 7GB
Graphics: Direct X compatible card with 512 MB or betterIs it compatible with Mac or Windows 7/8/10?
Yes. This game can be played on Windows 7,8,10, 64 bit, 32 bit systems as well as Windows XP, Vista. It can also be played on the Mac system.
Is it just a onetime payment or are there any subsequent charges?

No. You would have to pay only once. There are no hidden charges or no extra money that is to be paid later. You would receive free updates for the first five years
Does it support any hardware?
Yes it supports almost all hardware’s including yokes foot pedals, throttle controller and more. It however does not support Oculus Rift at the moment.
How will the game be delivered to me?
After purchase, you will be redirected to a member’s area where you can download a number of things and can start playing immediately. You can also order a 4-DVD edition for a nominal fee.
Can the game be played with a Mouse and a keyboard?

Yes. The game can be played with a mouse and a keyboard. You can, however, switch to advanced methods if you want to in future.How many computers can I install this on?
The game can be played with 2 separate installations. It can be an amalgamation of PCs or Macs
Does the game support multiple monitors, or any other hardware setup?

The Pro flight simulator game supports up to 9 multiple monitors as well as a Track IR system. It also supports all kinds of flight hardware products including yokes, flight pedal, rudders and more.
The Pro flight simulator is an interesting and realistic game that offers the best experience to players who would like to be a pilot. It is one of the leading flight simulator games compared to all other flight simulator games. Finding a good and realistic simulator is not easy. The 3d simulator is one of the best with improved and enhanced features, standard departure and approach procedures, that would also provide you with some of the best opportunities of training. You can also read reviews and watch the videos on the Internet if you want to find out whether this game is a good one

About ProFlightSimulator

A project 10 years in the making. It was developed by a team of flight enthusiasts with a single purpose: To create an ultra-realistic flight simulator game that is as close as real flying as possible.